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Exterior of Newly built extension and enclosed dyno room.

A view of the new dyno area.

New  Dyno with eddy current installed in 2009 under floor in sealed room with forced air and extraction fans. Flat screen monitors inside and outside dyno room connected to Dynojet Power Commander software. 

SLICK ! Performance assistant and apprentice Rory Parker prepares for a dyno run.

Slick and Rory about to do a dyno run , outside the dyno room you can view what is happening to your bike both on the Dynojet engine monitor and through the window.

A Dyno print out showing the before and after figures is the best way to monitor performance modifications. Slick ! Performance are able to help set your bike up to its maximum potential  and can provide you with a dyno printout of your bikes BHP, Torque, and fuel/air mix ratio.. Advice on how to gain extra power and useability are available and we can provide all the works needed to make you and your bike a Race Winner.

Upstairs in the Engine building room

Slick putting the final touches to a race tuned engine.

The second dyno

Upstairs again another Cylinder head gets the SLICK ! Treatment in the porting room.

Race Tuned, rebuilt and ready to Go!   2010 season SLICK ! race engines for British Championship and TT prepared and waiting on the shelf.

Tuned Cylinder heads, Kent Race Camshafts, Race Valves, and Pistons etc in our stores area.

The downstairs workshops with three bike ramps, second dyno, engine storage , workbenches, tyre fitting facilities, WC.

                                                                                FULL RANGE OF MOTUL OILS IN STOCK,